Hi. My name is Lee

and I'm addicted to media.

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Lee C Pham

Digital Marketer
I'm a well-rounded digital marketer that specializes in content marketing and social advertising. I've managed social media for brands with over 30,000 followers, created marketing campaigns that target custom-built audiences and generated leads for remarketing.


Things that I work on.

I've developed SEO content, built social media engagement and managed paid media campaigns for multiple brands.

I'm a visually-driven storyteller that produces content with a multitude of tools, including Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

I read Google Analytics like a book and make creative decisions based on data to ensure campaigns are hitting the mark.

I've produced corporate, e-commerce and personal websites on WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace and Wix platforms with mobile-first and UI in mind.


My thoughts.

Why video advertising on facebook is here to stay

Pay-per-click campaigns are a steady bet even in the ever changing digital world, but new mediums are infiltrating the digital marketing sphere that advertisers need to adopt — like, yesterday. Video advertising, in particular, is increasingly gaining ground on social feeds, and the medium itself is evolving (think: live streaming, virtual reality, etc). It’s important to note, […]